Failed to sync - what now?


Scrivener for iOS has been working like a dream, but this morning it failed.

I closed the project on the iPad then some time later opened it on the Windows (I have the latest 1.9 version) and it did a backup before it opened then as it opened it froze. I had to force stop it with Ctrl Alt Del. When I opened it again it hadn’t synced and didn’t give me the option to. I pushed the sync with mobile devices but it said it was up-to-date. I then closed it, went back to my iPad where I still had the work I’ve done this morning. It is not syncing either but showing an arrow on an orange triangle. I copied off the changes I’d made. What can i do now to make my Windows version sync with it, or should I just paste in the changes? But will the iPad then sync with that?

There is nothing in the Conflicts folder.

I’m going away later this week and had hoped to carry on working on the iPad - which is why I bought Scrivener for iOS. But now I feel I can’t trust the sync process. Please help.

I would try moving it out of Dropbox on whichever device you feel is more up to date. On the iPad you can move your project to the On My iPad/iPhone section oft he list of projects by tapping edit and dragging the project down until it is under the On My iPad/iPhone section.

Then let Dropbox sync and check it no longer appears on the PC.

Then you can move it back onto Dropbox on the iPad by reversing the procedure above, give it plenty of time to sync and then check on the PC.

Thanks for your advice, RobG - it’s sorted now. :slight_smile: