Fails to overwrite existing ePub file when option to save source files is selected

Repro steps:

  • Compile to ePub file, and note the path of the generated ePub file
  • Within compile settings for the same ePub document, check the box to “Save source files in a folder with exported ePub file”
  • Compile to ePub again, using the same path as in the first step, and click “Yes” to overwrite the existing file
  • Using Windows File Explorer, check the modified date on the target ePub file; you’ll see that it has not changed
  • Open the corresponding sources folder, and you’ll see that the new ePub file was written to the top level of the directory tree

I’m on Windows 10, running Beta (743042) 64-bit.

This should be in the Beta Testing forum.

Moderator Note: moved to the Windows beta testing forum.