Failure on Scrivener 3 upgrade

I sent a message via email but they said they’d be back on the 4th. No answer so far.
Did I just lose all my writings?

And what is this? Why do I have two?

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6

Hello, anyone out there to answer?

1a. Have you opened and edited ‘Autobiography Backup’ in Scrivener 3 already, or is this the first time since upgrading from S2 to S3?

1b. The project’s name mentions ‘Backup’. Is it actually a backup version of the project? If yes, does the original still work?

1c. The advisory prompts you to open the package contents. What happens when you try that? Is the scrivx document missing?

1d. Have you actually got another backup of the project? Check: Scrivener > Preferences > Backup > Backup Location > Open backup folder. If yes, does the backup file open okay and is it a recent version of your project?

  1. Section 9.4 of the user manual provides details about Scratchpad: it’s a note-taking tool that you can call up at any time to jot down notes. The folders and files you see are just where those notes are being stored. Scrivener has to create a Scratchpad directory when it installs, but many users never use it. You possibly have two versions: one linked to S2 and the other to S3. If you’re not using Scratchpad, you can ignore those folders/files.

Have you saved the backup in the project folder? It looks like that when I look at the warning you get and the file structure you show.
To open a backup in a safe way, copy the backup package and paste it somewhere else, rename it so you know that itnis a copy of the backup, and then open it. If everything is okay, save it where you usually have your project but edit the name so you know what project it is but also that itnis a recovered backup. When you are sure that everything is sorted out you can delete unnecessary copies and rename back to the original name.

Thanks for your replies. I have used Time Machine to restore the files and then opened them in version 3 and all is well now.

It converted my two documents and now I have to go through version 3 and change all the settings I had made in version 2. I wish 3 had retained my settings.

Anyway, I was curious why I got that first warning box then couldn’t open anything. I thought version 3 had destroyed my work, which is something like 5 millions words. Something like 25 350 page books.

Still, check that you are NOT saving your backups where you have your projects and definitely not within a project package, as this could potentially corrupt your projects.

Here’s where I save them, two different files. One is called Stories but doesn’t have the .scriv, and Autobiography does.

I am talking about the backup files. You set that location in Preferences -> Backup

How about this. This is where it saves the backups.

/Users/paulhigginbotham/Library/Application Support/Scrivener

Finder is correctly recognizing Stories as a Scrivener project, though. That suggests that you’ve simply told Finder not to show the extension for that particular item, but the project itself is fine.


Hi Katherine, and thank you. I never told it anything like that, it just did it. I’m relieved that everything looks good though.