Failure to compile one chapter

I have tried to compile a manuscript in both manuscript format and paperback. Every time I compile it either as a Word document or a PDF, the contents of chapter 8 are missing (just over 3,000 words). Everything before that and after it is there. I don’t seem to be the only one with this problem

Is the chapter checked for inclusion? Is the section layout set as the same thing as the other chapters? Does that chapter include any tables, images, or other material that differs from other chapters?

The section layout is the same as all other chapters. No tables, no images, no special character formatting. I don’t know how to uncheck or check a chapter for formatting so I don’t know if I have done something to cause it to be unchecked.

Two options to check:

  1. In the main Compiler window, on the right-hand side, you’ll see all of your folders and documents from the binder listed. Ensure the Chapter 8 folder has a checkmark, which means it’s marked for inclusion.
  2. In the regular program (no longer in the Compiler), click the Chapter 8 folder in the binder, then click the Metadata tab of the Inspector. Ensure that the “Include in Compile” option is checked.

Another common reason for text not to compile is if the text is in the chapter folder, rather than a subdocument.

The subdocument in Chapter 8 did not have a check mark. I’ve checked it. I can’t find “Include in Compile” In the Metadata tab assuming I’m looking in the right place (dotted circle at bottom).

I works. Many thanks

Glad you got that working. Here’s a screenshot of where to look in the Inspector, for future reference.