Failure to Install

I must be doing something wrong, but don’t know what. I ordered Scrivener for my Windows 7 desktop, paid for it, got a serial number, downloaded it, but it will not install.

Error messages include “$(instalidir) resolved to an empty value.”

Any suggestions for this writer who desperately needs Scrivener?

I think you already found this post, so hopefully you’re set now! The problem is that the wrong installer got uploaded to the server accidentally, and compounded by time zone issues, it wasn’t possible to fix it right away. Things should be set temporarily now with the installer on the site being for 1.5.6, which will then prompt you to run an automatic update to 1.5.7; as soon as it’s not the middle of the night in the UK, we should get the full 1.5.7 installer up for download. Sorry about the hassle!