Fallen at the first hurdle... licence key issue

Hiya, complete newbie here, hoping someone can help. I installed Scrivener a while ago and used the free trial. I’ve just now purchased a license. I’ve got the Licence Key, a really long number/letter combo in email, and I’ve opened up the copy of Scrivener installed on my Mac, clicked Enter Licence, whereupon it’s asking me for my Serial Number Name and Serial Number. Which one is the License Key and which is the other one?

UPDATE: Before posting this, I thought I’d just try re-downloading Scrivener from scratch. Clicked Enter Licence this time, and it asked for email address and Licence Key! So, I’m still gonna post this as I’m guessing it may affect other people. Basically, if you’ve just recently purchased Scrivener but have an older version knocking around from a previous free trial, just re-download it before inputting licence key.

Glad to hear you figured it out yourself.

For context, here’s the reason for your problems: L&L had to switch the license provider recently since the old one shut down, literatureandlatte.com/blog … ith-paddle