Falling more in love with Scrivener each day

I’ve used Scrivener for both nonfiction and fiction projects, but now I’m using it to write a graphic novel script.

After reading useful advice from both Antony and Lord Lightning (thank you both!), I was prompted to get off my butt and actually try modifying the Scriptwriting prefs for my own use.

It was much easier than I expected – I now have things set up so that I don’t have to even use the shortcut keys at all; I just use the TAB key, and the text is automatically formatted the way I want before I start typing (e.g. page heading, panel heading, scene description, characters, dialogue, etc.).




Thank you. :slight_smile:

Why not post your template, so we can give it a try?

Actually, the comic template already in Scriv is set up for the same usage, if I recall correctly - the only time I have to use the style selection menu is for a panel heading, and that’s only because I write multiple panels in one Scrivening. If you follow the template exactly, with one Scrivening per panel, you never need to see the style selection menu.

(Not that I want to discourage Debbie from posting hers - please do!)