false indent in footnotes

When I have to paste info in a new footnote Scriv creates an unwanted indent. I would like to remove and set it up to not do that behavior.

Footnotes are rich text, so if the source material has an indent it will be pasted along with the text. You may try using Edit|Paste and Match Style instead. Does this work for you?

I also have trouble with the footnotes editor and formatting. The solution that’s worked best for me is to always use “Paste and Match Style” (Edit menu) when I paste into the text box for a footnote. It’s a bit kludgy since you lose italics and other formatting, but adding them back in manually seems less painful than dealing with the rogue indent and resizing the type. Also note that if you forget and do a regular paste, then undo and try my trick it doesn’t work; it has to be a new “blank” footnote. (I just delete the old one and try again.)

I think the “Comments and Footnotes” pane has a different underlying data structure than the main text window. The “Presets” menu goes grey for example when you select text in a footnote (alas!). I’d love to know whether any changes are in the works for footnotes in the next round of updates.

A little searching also turned up this reply from Keith on how to zoom in the Comments and Footnotes pane:

It works but it strips the formatting of the data. I cannot use it to paste a link, for example.

The false indent is clearly a bug. Any sort of data paste in the beginning of the footnote/comment will produce this fault. AFAIK this is an old problem that has not been addressed. But if there is something typed already then the link will not result in the false indent. This is how I am avoiding the problem until it is fixed.