Family Tree/Genealogy Chart programmes?

Does anyone know of a simple Family Tree or Genealogy Chart programme for the Mac?

It doesn’t need to be too clever, I just need to create two large sprawling families for my next book, add and delete characters, and grab a quick overview of relationships now and again.

I thought I saw one mentioned in the User Forum recently, but couldn’t find it when I looked.


I have used Reunion with good success (for real families), with multiple options for charts/graphs. And they have a very helpful Reunion forum

Thanks exegete,

Reunion looks very good, but at $99 is too expensive for my very simple needs. Do you know of any Freeware or Shareware?


Best places to look for software: MacUpDate or VersionTracker.
You can search for freeware/shareware and also read user comments.

For me, the best is iFamilyForTiger (which works perfectly with Leopard!)
Only $29.95 and very very good because the focus is on the individual: perfect for characters.
I love it.
you will find it here:

Thanks Druid and Jean Louise.

For anyone else who is looking for something similar, iFamilyfor Tiger looks excellent for the price ($29.95) and I have downloaded the (20 day) demo. I also found PersonalAncestryWriter (PAW2X) on MacUpDate, which is free and although not as pretty as iFamily is very full featured including Tag options.

To be quite honest, I might even just get out the big old whiteboard and coloured boardmarkers, because this is a fantasy family I’m creating (3 or 4 generations only, but with lots of aunts and uncles and cousins ), and many of these genealogical programs insist on full entries with exact dates, before they let you proceed any further, and at the moment I’m still very much in a fluid brainstorming stage.

If anyone else has any other ideas or experience in tackling the same issue from another angle, I’d be interested in hearing about it

Thanks again,


Get the whiteboard out, but, only after youve thrown a goodly amount of 'OLD TOM' down y neck :wink:

Hey Vic,

Just rest assured that Great Uncle Thomas ( Old Tom to his mates) will be one of the pillars of this totally dysfunctional family.


way t go mama...way t go!!! 8)

I found it easier just to go visit the family tree itself. Some of the more recent ropes from the lower limbs were still in pretty good shape…

Hey Lenf,

My fiction family may be dysfunctional, but they’re HAPPY they’re dysfunctional!
Just ask Old Tom (or Vic-K for that matter). So they don’t need ropes hanging off the lower limbs. (Unless I missed something in the translation).


Ooops. Was speaking of my own family tree, actually.