Family Tree

Again, I am pretty new to the software (But am already in love with it and can’t wait until I can buy it :smiley: ). I was hoping it might be possible to be able to create some sort of family tree within the software for the characts. Would be a handy way to review how certain characters are linked and what their lineage is. It’s a small thing, but just something I thought would be useful.

I can’t think of a good way to do this with the existing tools, at least not to what you might desire. Scrivener is an outliner at core, but outlines are no good for this because child items can only have one parent, not two, and in inverse two parents cannot express one child as a single item in the outline. Pardon the jargon, but Scrivener uses strict isolation hierarchy (more like how files on a computer work) whereas a family tree requires a flat visually described link-based hierarchy (more like how diagramming software works). The two methods are not at all easily compatible with one another. It does have a flat linking capability, the References pane, but like I say that’s not going to produce a visual result. That would be tantamount to storing each person’s bio on a web page and hyperlinking to each relative family member and in-law. It would work, and you can even describe the type of link in the Description field (“Father”, “Sibling”, etc.) but this would be a blind navigation exercise, no grand overview.

So yes, I think some form of diagramming software would be better for you. You can import files into the binder as research material, so they will be easily available to you while working on the project. You’ll just have to alt-tab to go back and forth instead of having it in a split.