Family Tree

I’d like a simple family tree function, but I understand if this is too complicated. I was hoping for something along the lies of starting with one box, and being able to clock on that and going ‘two parents’ ‘two children’ ‘a sibling’ 'a spouse etc. I know I’m asking a lot though.

Can I put in a counter-request, and plead with Keith never to consider such a function! :smiley: Sorry, but in my view it has no place whatever in a program like Scrivener!

Best wishes,

Martin BB.

PS: I do some family history research myself, so I’ve nothing against it. Quite the contrary. But Scrivener is for other things.

If it’s really a simple tree you want, try one of the basic outliners, like MindNode.
It’s free.


Or you could spend a little and buy Reunion 9, the best family history software out there.
You may also carry it along on an iPhone and get Aunt Polly’s updates on her four husbands.
Then synch those tidbits back to your main computer file.