Family trees

Does anyone know how I can connect 2 above notes with a 3 note like father-----mother and the connect father and mother with a son?
Thank you for your help.

I may not be understanding what you’re looking to do precisely, but you can connect whatever you want to anything else, there are no rules in Scapple. It isn’t a like a diagramming program or mind mapping tool, where links are structured, and where there are concepts such as “child” and “parent” notes. None of that exists in Scapple. Think pen and paper. :slight_smile:

Just drag any note onto any other note to link them.

Thank you for answering me so fast. This is what I want to do, but I don’t know how.


Ah, that makes more sense, thanks for the illustration. Connections only show relationships between notes, not connections. This sort of relationship could be described with a triangle of connections though:

Such can be created efficiently by selecting all three, and using the Notes ▸ Connect All command.

It’s not the same if I have 5 kids, look terrible. Thank you for the help

I think in that case I would draw parallel lines to the left and right of the ‘child’ note. One could always add a note with nothing but a punctuation mark in it in between the two at the top, and just link all of the child notes to this one in the middle.

In this case, I set the fill and background colour to be the same, so the symbol is invisible.

unstated_connection_types.scap (5.5 KB)

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