Everything included in this product works very well. The problem is with what is not included. I shouldn’t have to use a second program like MS Word for basic proofing of grammar and extra spaces between words. There isn’t even a way to plug in services such as Grammarly or Ginger.

I would really appreciate not having to jump between Scrivener and Word.

You can view non-printable characters by selecting the option from the menu, or the pilcrow button on your toolbar (you may need to use customise toolbar to add it to your toolbar), but that will show you extra soaces between words.

I hope that helps (a bit).

You can also select Format, Convert, Multiple Spaces to Space.

I keep forgetting that that exists. It’s grayed out in scrivenings mode, however. Can it be done for the entire manuscript??

It appears that you can only do it to the document that has focus (i.e. you click into the text area of a document). It also appears that it only works on the one document where your cursor is active, even if you have multiple documents in Scrivenings mode. Probably one of the many things that will improve with version 3, where they’re using the new building blocks to make Scrivenings mode work as you would expect it to.

For getting them out of the source text, you can use Edit->Search->Project Replace to search for two spaces and replace with one, which can affect the entire project, including metadata like Titles and synopses. BE CAREFUL! This search and replace is irreversable, so first go to File->Back Up->Back Up To and create a backup that has “2manyspaces” in the name, in case something goes horribly wrong.

You might also consider using the Replacements pane of the compile window to replace two spaces with one space when compiling. That should accomplish the same thing. That will catch any future instances of multiple spaces that creep into your text from editing too.

Wait, there’s a simpler and safer way to find/replace all the double spaces in the manuscript.

Select the entire manuscript and enter scrivenings mode. Choose Edit/Find/Find and search for space space and replace with space. You can replace them all, or check each individually.

I also would much appreciate having Grammarly integrated into Scrivener.
Truly an excellent marriage of abilities the sum of which is much greater than the parts.
Please consider seriously.
Thanx much,
Bob. Diebel

That would be sweet but I think Grammarly comes with a price tag.

It’s about $80 a year, but well worth it. I’ve used it for ages.