Fantastic piece of work Keith - have you checked this out

Hi Keith and firstly congratulations on a fantastic piece of work. I’ve just bought Scrivener, following recommendations from the US and 30 days of trial.

I’m a screenplay writer and the key feature for me was the looking at plot on the corkboard. My choice came down to you and SAVE THE CAT. They do have some interesting functionality which you might wish to review. (There is a free trial). When writing up cards they allow 4 types of colour coding; 3 text views of the same card; and two predefined areas to note Emotional Conflict and Change. You have 2 methods of adding and assigning labels and I would love some more. I would love to be able to assign COLOURS for major plot points; Words to denote ACTION SCENES; Words to show STRUCTURE POINTS; and I’d love to be able to edit those lists so I could create my own lists.

The reason I bought Scrivener was actually the flexibility on the corkboard was far greater; even thought the screen writing templates are more developed in SAVE THE CAT, and closer to how Hollywierd works. But many many thanks for getting this great piece of software out there.

I see that screenwriters are the ones asking for more structural markers. Maybe, this depends on the fact that movies are usually more structured than novels, and the story must have a strong inner balance between all the elements.

I second the request for some more labels and “color flows”, even if I understand that Scrivener was mainly conceived for novel writing (and in this case, it is already perfect). But, who knows, maybe even novel writers may take advantage of some more story markers.


Hey, I’m a novel writer who’s already been looking at the files and wishing for another “label” column. I don’t need it, but it would be nice in the serial novelette I’m working on. I’ve labeled the sections with colors, and marked the scene’s draft progress in status (to do, in-progress draft, first draft, revised draft, problem draft, etc.) I was working on it the other day and realized it would be nice to have another section for labeling POV. (MC’s testimony vs. courtroom scenes.) If you gave me more labeling options, I’d probably do even more.

But I’m like that–if you give me something, I’ll find some way to use it. :slight_smile:

You’re right - from the POV of the artist. But in screenwriting you often have requirements like “we can’t afford to shoot in this location - rewrite the script without that location”. Or you have to shuffle characters. With novels it’s mostly “make it shorter”, which can be achieved by going through the text as a whole, but scripts are much more dependend on scenes and locations. So the more flexible you can handle index cards, the better - but (at least for me) the current form of Scrivener works very well for screenwriting.

(My dream app, though, that would be Scrivener with index cards, which can be used like an idea space in Curio, with notes, scribbles, mindmaps, colors, etc - and you can seamlessly zoom in and out and reshuffle them freeform on the corkboard … no, that’s not a request and I won’t learn Cocoa. :wink: )