FAQ check -- License

I was perusing the FAQ, and noticed that under the License Stipulations section*, you state:

This seems kind of silly if you also say it’s okay for Spouses, live-at-home children, and any other family members under the same roof to use Scrivener. Is this really the intention, that I can’t sit at the kitchen table with my spouse while both of us use Scrivener (enabled with the same license key) on our laptops?

Not that I’d begrudge you the revenue if that’s what the license stipulates, but it seems counter to the general way it’s presented in the forums.


Yep, that’s wrong - there’s no such stipulation, sorry for the confusion. We’re moving everything over to a new Knowledge Base area, so we’ll edit that during the transition. You can safely ignore it though.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

All the best,