Fargo: HTML 5 Outliner

Legendary developer Dave Winer has created an outliner that works in your browser, and saves your outlines locally to your hard drive, and works with Dropbox, and exports in OPML, which means it can talk to Scrivener. Which seems like an awfully good idea to me — one of those simple ideas that a lot of smart people end up turing into a game changer.

I’m interested in what people think about this thing.

It’s called Fargo.

Looks impressive. Easy, quick, folds/unfolds, nice keyboard navigation. Imports/exports OPML. Plays nicely with Google Docs. Thanks for letting us know about this new web app.

AND it does OPML attributes, so your Omnioutliner (etc.) outlines get imported/exported with stuff like columns. I keep thinking it’s funny that Winer’s documentation introduces us to outliners like we’ve never seen one before, but in a way, in this portable an app, we haven’t.

I’ll have to try this, if only because I’m always on the lookout for a new outliner. Oh, and my family came from Fargo. There’s just too many coincidences here to ignore.

Very slick and certainly easy to use.
How do you set it up to save to Google Drive?

I don’t know that it does yet. But the developer’s stance is that this is just the first little step. He seems to have big plans, and is open to the big plans of others.

Imitation? Flattery?


No export options (except cut and paste).

Yeah, saw that too. I think Jesse Grosjean — oak’s developer, and the guy who made WriteRoom and Folding Text and a bunch of other great stuff — has been pretty open about the fact that Fargo inspired Oak. Saw a Twitter exchange between the developers, and no one seems terribly bent out of shape. They’re both really interesting software people; I’m excited about it!