Fast way to send mail

Is there some super little utility which allows you to send a e-mail whatever program you happen to be in?



In 10.5 you can select something then use the mail services entries to send email.

Are you looking for something more than this?

Of course, Services !!! Thanks !

Services is such a great idea and so badly implemented. Is it much better in SNL?


Not a SL person (I seem to be wired to oppose change thought it may be an occupational conditioning). From what I have heard, I don’t think it is any better.

I use LaunchBar for this. Just select some text, tap Ctrl twice and type in “newmail” (actually nm suffices). Services mean finding a keyboard shortcut that all of my applications do not conflict with, or messing about in badly organised menus.

It’s a little better in Saturday Night Live. Now, instead of display all five hundred services and greying out the ones that are ineligible in the current context, it only displays the ones that can function in the current context. So the menu is a lot cleaner to read, and it now provides application icons beside the item which increases usability a touch.

Still, I’d rather just tap off a few keystrokes and do everything Services can do, and more.

It is WAY better in SL. You can easily create your own as well. See here:

This podcast will give you the whole story: … orld-2010/

The macpoweruser podcasts are excellent btw

Nisus Email used to be great for doing something like this.

I like Dashmail for sending off quick emails on the fly.