Faster Way to Open a Document in Copyholder?

I’m looking for a quicker way to open a document in Copyholder.
Currently, I hover over the file name in the Binder, right-click, and select Open → in Copyholder.
This method keeps the previously selected file in focus in the main window, which is what I want.

However, I was wondering if there’s a faster way to do this. Maybe using a modifier key with a right-click to avoid the extra steps?

The various methods are found in §8.1.5, under Loading an Item in a Copyholder. Left implied there is my preferred method, and that is to add a keyboard shortcut to the Navigate command. I also have one set up for the command that closes them, View ▸ Editor Layout ▸ Close Copyholder.


Thank you. I managed to create a shortcut via System settings, but this requires setting Binder Selection Affects to None in order to get what I am looking for.

Currently, with Binder Selection Affects set to Current Editor, I hover over a file in the Binder so it doesn’t load in the Editor window as well, then I right-click and select Open in Copyholder or Open as Quick Reference.

So… I wish there was a toggle key to temporarily set the Binder Selection to None.

Dragging with the Option/Alt key is going to be the closest to that, as this shouldn’t trigger changing anything in the main editor. While not as fast as the keyboard, it’s still quite a bit faster than drilling down through the contextual menu.

You’re right though, but that’s never put me out too much as a quick ⌘[ / Ctrl+[ to make the editor go back is all you need to “undo” that.

The Locked in Place shortcut is the closest thing to that. I mean you could put a shortcut on the menu commands for “binder affects”, but why bother if all you want is “None”, as you’d need two to get back to normal, and locking is a toggle. Myself though I find that a bother unless it’s something I intend to do for a while. Again “Back” is one shortcut, locking and then unlocking is two.


Dragging! I didn’t think about that. That should do the trick. The bar is a little tiny, but so far my eyesight can still “visually” manage. :wink:

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I just wanted to let you know that the dual navigation layout did its magic. Brilliant idea!
Anyway, I think that a toggle key could have its advantages a well…