fastest way to add a note

What is the fastest way to add a note to Scrivener? I’d like to get away from Apple Notes and Bear Notes. Both are quick, but I would prefer to make Scrivener my one-stop-shop.

New Text, Cmd-N.

You can also use the Scratchpad, Window -> Show Scratchpad to launch it.

Because Scrivener is a full-fledged writing environment, it has more overhead than something like Apple Notes and will probably not load as quickly.


If you have an iOS device: Drafts 4, keeping the ScratchPad in Dropbox, and tweaking the url-scheme in Drafts 4 for sending to Dropbox to send the note to the ScratchPad

On OSX, you can do the same with Notational Velocity. The trick is to use a fast-loader like Drafts or NV, and then output to Scrivener.

Thank you kewms, lunk, and popcornflix. Scratchpad does the trick. :smiley: