Faulty links in Inpector between projects

I msut be doing something wrong, but I can’t imagine what. I totally love Scrivener, and being able to have links to other documents, URLS, etc. in the inspector when I am working on a doc is great. But when I try to drop and drag a text from one project into the Inspector of a text in a whole different project, I get a faulty link–a link to another text somewhere in one of the two projects that has no connection with the one I am working on or the one I am trying to link.

I have no trouble dragging texts from one project to another, and they copy fine, but then the copy doesn’t update when I change the original, so I wanted a link that would work to the latest update.

Any ideas? thanks!

This is a bug in that you shouldn’t be able to link between projects at all - I’ve added it to my list of things to fix. But to reiterate, there is no way of linking between projects, only within them. Sorry.

Whew. It’s not me, then. :laughing: