Favorite Cliches?


You know its overused when it gets its own acronym.


The worst offenders have to be sports broadcasters – at least here in the states. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard some announcer (pick any major sport) say a player is “on fire.” Then there’s that gem (a cliche itself, I must admit): So and so really “came to play.” Here are a few more:

He’s in a league of his own.
He has a nose for the ball.
The quarterback just has to take care of the football.
It’s a game of inches.
He gave 110 percent.

This list could go on until the cows come home. :wink:

or, ‘The desert freezes over and the cows come home on skis’.

You been under the table too long there buddy? hiccuping in a post? disgraceful.

Or am I envious… Hmmmm…

Jaysen:[size=150]RTFS[/size][size=85]ignature[/size][size=150]vlc[/size] vive le cliché

Admit it Mr K. In a fit of drunken typing you hiccuped an L instead of an i and since you couldn’t find the delete key you just hiccuped the sig again. There is no shame in this. We will pet and feed you scraps just the same.

“none so blind…”<------another one. “Give me strength!” <------and another! Both, I might add, most apt.
Do pay attention Jaysen. RTFWhat erver, always. :wink:

Funny thread. Here’s my favorite: Avoid cliches like the plague.

Working in advertising brings up a whole raft of new and innovative cliches too. I don’t mean the ones in the ad - but the ones thrown around in the meetings.

push the envelope


And the Bagel Shop cliches. “Thinking outside the lox” comes to mind.

As I was “driving it like I stole it” I realized that I “pwned this thread”. But I should warn “not to feed the trolls” because surely on the internet trolls are a common occurence. :slight_smile:

Instead I shouldn “crank this baby up” and make sure my computer doesn’t “crash and burn” as I finish “downloading the internet” (Yes I downloaded the whole internet last night).

“I read the articles” is harder to claim on the internet but some poeple might say “blog me” or “text me the details” but in reality we are all procrastinating.

In closing I would quote a common cliche…

“I reject your reality and substitute it with one of my own.”

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

te hee

I don’t get this.
I thought a cliche was 1920s ladies hat or a contraption for growing early vegetables.
Now you say it is a hackneyed form of expression.

How else are we to communicate ?

The wheel are coming off out of the box into the blue sky.


…my wife, and my mac, have a lot in common. Neither of them hardly ever go down.

Thats it!! Ive had enough!! Since Sheenan and Jameson supposedly sorted him out, hes becoming cruder by the hour!! I think Ill see if bobueland wants a cat. bobs a gentleman, not like this crass crud!

Only thing is, it gets cold up there. I wonder if paolo wants a cat?

Sorry. Thought you said you wanted him “shorted” out.

My bad.


Ha ha! y think yre funny!
You and her have a lot to answer for :open_mouth:
Everybody knows hes my human, and theyll start blaming me tch! tch! :open_mouth:


I have it on good authority that cats here in Camelot (the name of our little segment of earth) have it pretty well. Fresh fish once a week (grilled or broiled, never fried), chicken at lat least twice (BBQ does not count), beef (porterhouse, t-bone, sirloin) at least 3 times per month, and all you can catch outside. There is always some spare kibble kept available for the wayward feline as well. Water is plentiful. indoor waste disposal units (not the plural) are cleaned daily and changes twice per week. Outdoor waste disposal units are cleaned up when found, but several neighbors have very nice, soft flower beds and since their units visit our flower and veggie beds you are free to visit their’s.

Sleeping accommodations are top notch. You have your choice between cozy twin with included 11 year old “cuddle boy” (Brutus has had issues with the cuddling being a little to cozy); canopy queen with 14 year old “sleep-over girlfriend” (Miss Kitty [since deceased] claims that nothing beats a good night in a canopy [the actual canopy, not the bed]), multiple 7’ sofas, 28 widows, 18 chairs, unnumbered nooks, and if you are really adventuresome the full sized antique brass bed with “old married couple” (lots of heat but not a lot of space). Drawers, closets, air vents, wall chambers, and cupboards can be made available on request.

Medical care is top notch with the local practitioners specializing in domestic felines. Degrees are from Cornell and UB respectively. The horse and dog doctor wont see cats so you would be safe there.

We are accepting applications for permanent residency. If you are interested please eel free to contact Mdm. Guinevere Snort or email me directly.

Mr Jaysen,
Thank you for your kindly offer. You present a very seductive scenario. However, I can`t see the bit about you permanently moving out of the neighbourhood. Therefore I must reluctantly decline your generous offer. Im already suffering profoundly, from recalcitrant recidivistic human behaviour.
Thank you,

Ahh, I see. Well, Reepicheep and Brutus are somewhat relieved. The last feme-feline that resided here in Camelot “ruled the roost”. They have gotten fat and lazy and were worried that you would not allow their bachelor behavior to continue.

I would be very careful. I think Fluffy is infected with the notorious Vic-k Virus.

[size=150]“Dropped faster than a G-String in a sleazy strip club.”[/size]