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I first went to “open existing projects” and opened each .scriv I am working on and then hit “add project to favorites.” I closed out of scrivener and reopened. When I tried opening a “favorite project” it said it was old, didn’t exist or corrupted. So I closed out, opened one of the projects on my iPhone, made a change, saved, closed out of the iOS software, and then opened the project with the “open an existing file” option and my change was there. I made another change, did all my syncing and closing, opened on iOS and the change was there. Now, I again tried opening from the “favorite projects” and received the aforementioned error. Is it reading from a location I am not updating and if so how can I change that location or is it something inaccessible? Is it reading the hard drive of my Mac or something? I use Dropbox for syncing and as long as I use either “open recent” or “open an existing file” I am fine. It’s not a big deal. More like a curiosity why it doesn’t work as expected. Thanks - I love the software and that it integrates with prowritingaid.


Did you buy Scrivener from the Mac App Store, by any chance? If so, there is currently a known bug whereby trying to open a project from the “Favorite Projects” menu may result in an error. I am hopeful that I have this fixed for 3.0.3, which I’ll be submitting to the App Store this week.

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Hello Keith,

Why yes I did. Thank you for responding! Glad to know I’m not losing my marbles here (although maybe I still am). :slight_smile:
Great work on the software BTW! I’m always bouncing back and forth between my MAC and my iPhone, I would truly be in a sorry state without it!

Many thanks for the kind words! I’d be very grateful if you could stop by after 3.0.3 is released and let me know if it does indeed fix this issue for you.

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The fix worked. At first I had a mini-panic attack because after the update, all methods of opening my project only showed one chapter (the last one I was working in) even on the side tab. But I figured it out and saved myself from having a meltdown. LOL. In all honesty, maybe it’s just me, but after this update, my projects open much faster. :smiley: