Favorites - Deprecated but still showing up in "Move To..." menu

I understand that the Favorites feature has been deprecated in favor of Project Bookmarks.

However when I right-click on a document and select “Move To >”, I still see a list of favorites above the list showing the Binder hierarchy. However, I cannot find a way to add/remove/edit this list of Favorites. Is this possible?

As I often find myself moving items to my current working folder, it would be VERY helpful to have this list of Favorites, or even better, a list of recently “moved to” items. This would save me from having to drill-down a rather complex hierarchy every time I need to move a document.

If you’re moving to the same folder a lot, that folder should migrate to the Favorites list automatically. It hasn’t been deprecated anywhere.

This is in Appendix A.9, Documents Menu:

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OK, I guess I misunderstood about it being deprecated. Thanks for clarifying.
I wasn’t paying enough attention to see the target folders move up the list!