Favorites Folder

I’ve frequently wished for a Favorites Folder. This is different from aliases that would be littered around the Binder, but a favorites folder is a place where I could put pointers to my most frequently used documents (some of these I would change daily or weekly, others would stay longer).

One way I would utilize this folder is when using the cool feature of “Append Selection to Document.” I use this all the time as I refine my drafts, jestisoning all the scraps of text that I don’t want to keep in my draft, yet don’t want to trash either. Currently, when I append a selection, I have to drill down through 5, 6, sometimes 9 levels of folders to find the container for all these bits of text - I do this sometimes a half dozen times an hour. If I had a favorites folder, I would make it a top level folder, and put this collector in it, allowing me to drill down only one level, if that.

I can think of a myriad of other ways I would use a favorites folder, but this example makes the point.

An afterthought:

The other way this could work, rather than the “Favorites Folder” being a folder in the Binder, is for it to be a stand-alone window - much like the keyword window, but with lists of favorite documents (documents could be dragged in and out).

I realize an implimentation like this might make it harder for other menus in Scrivener to “see” the favorites, such as Append Selection, etc. There would have to be some way for this “folder” to be placed at the top level when folders where displayed.

On the other hand, with this window floating open, text could simply be dragged into the approapriate document name/icon.

I think anything along these lines would be a big help, because on big, complex projects, one of the biggest hurtles I find in Scrivener is quickly negotiating a morass of folders in the binder; and once there, having to negotiate my way back. This, of course, is not a fault of Scrivener, but of us writers who just can’t think straight!

This would only solve one of your issues, but I use a ‘favorites’ document with Scrivener links to my most commonly used documents. I have used tables to organize the links into columns or categories and it’s worked very well for some projects. Just a thought. Won’t help your ‘append to document’ issue.

I’ve added this to the “possibles for 2.0” list. The way I would see this working would be more of a pop-up area at the binder, kind of like the album cover area in the sidebar of iTunes. But of course, Rayz in another thread today suggested “Playlist” sort of functionality. That would address the same issue. This is the sort of conceptual and technical issue that I will look at when it becomes time to design 2.0. I have a novel to write before then, of course. :slight_smile: