Favourite Feature/s so far....

So since L&L are being horrible and nasty about not telling us when the new version of Scrivener is coming out I’m left with constantly hitting refresh several times a day on the blog just in case they’ve thrown out another crumb of information about new features…

So what is everyone looking forward to with the glimpses we’ve had so far?

For me, since I’m wading into the edit runs I like the description of the Copyholders & Layouts feature - I’m forever flipping around different sections/chapters to reference information.

I like the look of the Bookmarking feature as well as the new Corkboard features.

The reworking of Compile… I think … I hope it’s easier to use than the current version since having to battle with that feature is looming on my horizon…

Oh ok, so I’m the only one who is obsessive compulsive about checking for updates and thinking ‘oh I want that new feature now!’ lol

I’ll go back to that writing thing and stop procrastinating…

No, you’re not the only one to do the checking, but perhaps you’re the only one who needs support in order to procrastinate effectively! :laughing:


My short story isn’t finished. Yet. Instead of doing what I’m supposed to be doing, I’m reading your drivel. Therefore, I blame you.

Mark I’ll have you know I’ve become very good at procrastination! You are right I could probably polish the art form a little bit more. I bow to the masters!

Bivalve - your short story isn’t finished? Neither is the 110k manuscript I’m doing edit runs on…

I was never very good at the short story thing lmao.

Besides, it’s not drivel. I think those new features will be very handy in said editing.

New features – hah! The ones that Keith has told you about so far are the tip of the iceberg…

Just you wait till you see Drivelings Mode – it’s sort of loosely based on Scrivenings, in that it automatically collates all the rubbish we’ve written in one place, places a large watermark "This STINKS!’ across every page, then dumps it in the Trash Folder before towing the folder out to sea and sinking it.

Then there’s the Rejector Panel (short cut cmd-opt-XXXXXX) — it’s a small pane which sits to the right of the editor and every so often displays a picture of your old English Teacher saying ‘Pathetic. See me after class’ in red ink.

Some people will use this, while others will prefer Derision Mode — you finish the final draft, enter DM and you watch as your whole text slowly turns grey until it blows away to the sound of a group of fifteen year olds calling you a has-been.

But to be serious for a moment – you’ll love the new Compile mode for novelists: select the BestSeller preset, make a few choices (Thriller, Chick Lit, Searing Indictment of the Contemporary Zeitgeist are three of the most popular options), press enter and then minutes later an email from the publishers arrives offering you a six figure advance and the movie rights.

That last bit is Mac-only, of course.

I don’t think the L&L crew have quite the contempt for the people who use their program that you seem too.

Cath, I think you may have misread the tone a little, sorry.

I’ve been using Scrivener since 2009, been beta testing Version 3 for six months at least and think and have said many times on here that Scrivener is the best software I have ever used. There’s a long tradition on this forum of speculating jokingly about the infeasible and amazing features future versions will bring – you’ll find plenty of threads like that if you search and you’ll find the developers joining in. Think of them as gentle in-jokes among fans.

Sorry if it upset you.

Ha. I can do you one better, Cath. I am also regularly checking that page, anxiously waiting for the next tidbit and excited for when oh when Scriv 3 will be released. All of which is kind of inexplicable, because I am a beta tester for Scriv 3, so I am already running it!!


+1 here! And yes, it’s bizarre … but some of it is “Can’t wait for everyone to have this!”

Favourite feature? Styles!


I’m checking and re-checking and eager.

What they’ve shown us looks great, and provides features I have been wanting.

I can’t decide if Compile or Styles makes me happier.

The doc I am not finishing refuses to make a TOC without crashing. I’m not solving that mystery, so I suppose I am procrastinating, as well.