.FDR into Scrivener?

I have a few old .FDR (Final Draft 7) files, I’d like to be able to import into Scrivener. I no longer have Final Draft. Is there any third-party app I can use to convert these FDR files into something Scrivener can import?


The best conversion software I’ve used is MacLink Plus
But it doesn’t convert FDR or FDX files.
I’d say your best chance is:
Find someone who has either FD 7 or 8 and can open/import FDR.
In FD 8, the best export format is .txt; Scrivener should import that.
But you’ll probably have to recode every scene heading, character, dialogue, etc.


Actually, if you want to bring these files into Scrivener, the best format is either .fdx (Final Draft 8) or .fcf (any version), both of which Scrivener supports. Doesn’t the Final Draft trial allow you to open and save files, though? (I would still recommend getting a copy of Final Draft in the long run, though, for the final edits and production etc.)
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