.fdx export & Final Draft spell check

I finished a first draft today (pause as I pat myself on the back). I wanted to send off a polished .fdx script, so I compiled the Scrivener script into an .fdx document. I then realized that I hadn’t spell checked the script, so I ran the spell checker in Final Draft. The final draft spell checker did this weird thing where it started highlighting and replacing the wrong words. The dialogue box would correctly tell me that I misspelled a word, but on the screen, that word would not be the one highlighted. The highlighted word would be one immediately to the left or a few words before the actual misspelled word. Then, when I clicked “replace,” to replace the misspelled word with the correct one, Final Draft inserted the correction into the highlighted (wrong) place. Strangely, this did not happen with every spelling error. It started a few spelling errors into the script. FYI, I’m running Scrivener 2.0 and Final Draft 8.0.1 Build 89 on a MacBook Pro.

Have you brought this up with Final Draft, this doesn’t sound like a Scrivener bug, since you are using a compiled FDX in FD at this point?

That assumes that the .fdx compiler in Scrivener is bug free, which- maybe it is. But I have not ever seen this problem with a script composed in Final Draft, only a script composed in Scrivener, then compiled, and opened in Final Draft. So I’m assuming that it’s something with the way the script is compiled, not the way Final Draft reads the compiled script. But I’ll send the message to Final Draft as well.

Scrivener doesn’t save any spelling information in the FDX file. The only spelling information an FDX file can save is a list of words to ignore, ranges of text to ignore, and whether certain words should be underlined as misspelled. Scrivener doesn’t put any such information in the FDX file. I’ve also tested with various files - and just tested again to be sure - but can’t reproduce the issue, so I’m fairly sure this problem must be on Final Draft’s end.