.fdx (Final Draft) Export for Custom Formatted Scripts?

I have a custom Scrivener template that I use for stage play writing. Here’s the question: after I create a script using the custom Scrivener template, can I seamlessly export that script into Final Draft (and have all my custom margins, font preferences, etc. stay the same?) Will all the custom Scrivener styles correctly map to Final Draft elements?

I had some problems making this happen in the old version of Scrivener, but after a lot of trial and error, I worked something out. With this new version, I figured I’d skip the trial and error and just go straight to the experts for advice.

Hi Penny,

The answer is yes - with reservations. It depends on your stage play format. If you’re using something like the US stage play format where character names appear on a separate line to the dialogue, then yes, you can do this, no problem. However, if your character names are on the same line as dialogue, the formatting won’t come across as it should in Final Draft, because Final Draft doesn’t support character names on the same line as dialogue.

All the best,