FDX Reader For iPad

The screenwriter John August (and friends) have released an FDX reader for the iPad. FDX is Final Draft’s document format, and this app is quite elegant and nicely built. (Scrivener, of course, exports to FDX.)

Interesting that this release comes on the heels of Final Draft announcing that they are delaying their own iPad app (which is a bit frustrating). I appreciate that FD wants to do good work, and I sincerely hope that they weren’t chased away by John August’s app — I can’t imagine that a company with the presence and market share of FD would have been making an app with such limited functionality. I’m sure they’ll do something great. I hope there are still movies when it comes out.

Anyway, bought FDX Reader, and I think it’s swell. Check it out. $7.99 at the app store. Which seems like a lot for a reader, but only in the ever-cheapening App Store environment. It’s less than a movie ticket.

Well, I purchased this to read scripts I’m working on, on the ipad. I am exporting as FDX from Scrivener and so far, without fail, FDX reader crashes when I try to open these files.

I’ve emailed their support, but I have a feeling the answer is going to be that that the issues is that the file has been exported from Scrivener. Sign… oh well… back to pdfs I guess.

I’ll report back when I hear more.


I wrote a reply about how FDX Reader was crashing with Scrivener FDX files in my own tests, too, but I already have an update: I e-mailed FDX Reader support with a sample file and crash report, and they got back to me about an hour later saying that they’ve found the problem and fixed it for the next update. They also asked me to apologise on their behalf to Scrivener users for the inconvenience. So, kudos to them for such a swift response; I’m very impressed (and it’s a nice app, too).

All the best,

Brilliant! I haven’t heard back from them yet so thats good to know. Thanks for the update Keith.

Hi, I’m Nima, the programmer for FDX Reader, and as Keith mentioned he’s been a great help to us in tracking down and squashing a couple of bugs in our app (yes, more than one bug, sadly). We’re committed to making FDX Reader compatible with any .fdx file it’s fed, including .fdx files created by Scrivener. We’ll be submitting an update to the App Store today that should clear up the remaining issues with Scrivener created files, and you have our sincerest apologies for any problems with the app you run into between now and then. It’s our fault, not Scrivener’s.

Unfortunately, Ken, we never received your support request. It’s possible that it might have gotten lost along the way or maybe it was a glitch on our end. We take all support requests very seriously and try to get back in as timely a manner as possible. Our email address for all FDX Reader related issues is: support@quoteunquoteapps.com. If that was the address you used, Ken, we’re very sorry for not getting it.

If you have any problems with FDX Reader after the 1.0.3 update (hopefully out in about a week), please let us know at the support email address above. We want you all to be happy with FDX Reader, and anything we can do to that end we’d like to know about!

Hey Nima, thanks for the post and thanks for getting on the problem so fast.

Yes, that is the address I used, so may be your spam filters got me or something :slight_smile: Looking forward to trying the 1.0.3 update.

The 1.0.3 update for FDX reader has come out and FDX files exported from scrivener open in it with out an issues… Brilliant … Kudos to Nima!