Feast for the eyes

flavorwire.com/254434/the-20-mos … he-world#1



Utopia? :confused:

I didn’t see the overly exploited strippers, the huge containers full of cold beer, the recliners, and over large and loud HDTVs with “blow her clothes off” sound.

So Utopia … No.

Very elegant study place? Yes.

Places Mr Pige! Places! There’re 20 of ‘em. Look again, y’ wassack!


The library. The library. That is where I want to buy books.

:confused: Whatcha wanna go readin’ fer? That got them there TVs now you can look at.

Them thar books is, [b]mega-bucks[/b], books, Numpt.

Aw, bless him. the little shithead!!

butt doos dem der bookie tings come in


Probably every size or font imaginable! [size=150]A3 A4 A5[/size] Times New Roman, Trebuchet Verdana, Geneva, you name it Pige, you gottit! :wink:

Number 4 and Number 7. Amazon, eat your heart out.

Look to da future!


Yeah :frowning: :cry: