Hi all,

As you will know if you’ve ever read the About page of the website or the readme file that comes with Scrivener, my intention has always been to get Scrivener to a mature enough stage that I don’t need to keep piling on features.

Well, with 1.10, I think that time has come. I think 1.10 - which works well on both Tiger and Leopard and includes a number of user suggestions, improvements to the interface and import/export enhancements - marks Scrivener as a full-featured application. Sure, there are a few minor things that could be improved; I could see a future version with a better project search feature, integrated with the annotations and highlights search, more options for highlight colours, formatting overrides that can optionally depend on the document level in Compile Draft and so forth. But, I have to save something for 2.0. :slight_smile:

More importantly, I have to use Scrivener for my own writing. As I’ve always said, I think this is essential so that Scrivener stays focussed. Having its developer actually use it intensively can only benefit Scrivener - and its users (that’s you!) - in the long run.

Thus, as of 1.10, I’m freezing the feature set for a while. That just means that I’m only going to concentrate on bug fixes for the next few months, to ensure that Scrivener is as stable and rock solid as it can be. I think that is the most important thing right now.

1.11 will be out in a few days with minor bug fixes that have cropped up after the release of 1.10. When necessary, there will be other minor bug-fix releases. The only feature I’ll be adding in the coming months is a better import/export option for Final Draft (with thanks to the kind folks at Final Draft), though there is no exact time scale on that.

You are, of course, more than welcome to keep posting your suggestions in this forum. Those that I like and fit in with my vision of Scrivener may get added to the list for a future update. But suggestions are unlikely to get implemented for some time because of the feature freeze, and I wanted to make sure that I explained the reasons behind that.

Thank you for your continued support.
All the best,

Now then young Blount,
Take your essay back to your seat, re-read it, read it again, and then do exactly as it says.

Mr vic-K Head of Daft Dept.

A very wise decision, Keith! But … some two weeks ago you wrote:

“Once 1.1 is released, 1.1.1 will focus on adding one small feature that I hope to announce soon along with minor bug fixes.”

And here I read: “1.11 will be out in a few days with minor bug fixes”.

So that “one small feature” has disappeared. Does this imply that the addition of this “small feature” has been postponed?

The small feature is the Final Draft import/export. The guys at Final Draft have been very helpful and have given me access to the Final Draft file converter format.

I had to change the version number scheme to fit in with Sparkle, the automatic update framework.



I know Mr vic-K to be a fellow of nice discernment, keen intellect, and wise judgement. Please, for our good as well as for your own, take to heart his admonition.



I cant fault your reasoning, its impeccable.


(the bottle of Jameson should be with you shortly, PAR AVION courtesy of RYANAIR).


I cant fault your reasoning, its impeccable.


(the bottle of Jameson should be with you shortly, PAR AVION courtesy of RYANAIR). :wink:


The above cockup, doesnt mean youll be getting two bottles!

Vic –

How about if I add the bits about your heroic stature, your majestic dignity, and your invigorating prose style?



let me think about it :confused:

Please. Keith. It’s time to rest on your laurels. Go to the Canary Islands, or wherever else Brits go to sit on laurels. Write your book. Cuddle with your family. Let the rest of us explore Scrivener’s nooks and crannies until we catch up with you. And by then your novel will be published and the party will start up again.

With many thanks for a most literate, engaging and productive salon to every grace the web.