Feature I Would Love: Always Center Text on Fullscreen Mode

I’ve seen this feature on some other full-screen text editors, where as you type the line you’re typing on stays put in the center of the screen and the text scrolls up up when you hit ENTER, sort of typewriter-style? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

This would be a great feature for me, personally. I find it distracting to have to add extra spaces at the end of my documents so my cursor doesn’t go down to the bottom of the page. Just a suggestion.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean—I like that mode in full screen as well—I think that’s on the slate. The Mac version of Scrivener already has this, and the goal is to eventually have as much as possible from the Mac version. So unless there is some technical difficulty with implementing it, you should get it eventually.

Typewriter scrolling is on the 1.6 Known Bugs list (not as a bug, but as a missing feature), so looks like it’s coming soon!

Woohoo! Thanks, guys (and gals).