Feature : medium : Bulk import does not sort right

When doing a bulk import into Draft, where the directory chosen includes image files as well as documents, the image files are placed into the Research group without any folder to group sorting done. They all just get added to the top level. When doing a bulk import into Research, they do get sorted into sub-groups just fine.

Sorry, what behaviour did you expect? This is currently how it is set up. Generally, if you want to import images or media, it should be done in Research. If you import lots of files to Draft, the file structure is created inside Draft but any media files are stripped out and dumped in the Research folder. I think I need to put a warning to this effect on the import sheet, though.

Yes, perhaps a warning would suffice, then. And perhaps place the stripped files into a sub-group called “Imported Media” or something, so that the transfer does not glut up the top level of Research. My expectation was that a mirror of the group structure used in the Draft import would be created in the Research area.