Feature : medium : Convert to Default does not always work

For both the tools: Edit>Convert Format of Selected Documents>Default and Export

When it works correctly, it changes both the font and the “ruler” settings to what has been set up in the respective preferences. When it fails, only the font particulars are changed. Lines spacing, tabs, and other ruler type settings do not get adjusted. I believe I have tracked down which scenarios cause it to fail.

Method 1: Create a new text document, and then copy and paste source material from another application. It does not matter if the source material is styled or plain text. If it is plain text, though, change the ruler style and font so that it is no longer the default. No select the document in the Binder and attempt to convert it to either default or export format. The font will change, but not the ruler settings.

Method 2: Everything is the same as in method 1, except that instead of copy and paste, import a pre-existing text or rich text document.

There have been some times when it does work. I had thought it had to be a document created in Scrivener, and typed fully in Scrivener, but I have managed to reproduce the bug under those conditions, too.

Right, this one should be fixed for beta 2. The problem is that the ruler and line spacing are held in the paragraph attributes. The paragraph attributes also hold information such as whether there are any tables or lists. Thus, if you just change all of the attributes to the default, you can lose tables and lists, so you have to do some checks and be a little conservative about what you change. However, I was being a little too conservative, it seems. I have changed the code so that paragraph attributes will get completely changed unless there are tables or lists present.