Feature : medium : Crash upon trying to resize an image

I have been unable to reproduce this bug, but I will post the steps taken:

I had a selection of styled text and one image in the notes field, selected it all, and using the Scrivener service, appended it to the current document (yes, kind of silly, but I just wanted to see what would happen). Without doing anything else, I right-clicked on the newly pasted image and chose “Scale Image…”, then jiggled the horizontal slider a few times. Scrivener promptly crashed.

Here is the crash log, which will probably be much more help to you than that description.

Someone else reported this by e-mail.

This one should be fixed for beta 2. There was a general bug in the drawing of my custom text view that could lead to this crash in certain situations which I have fixed. It was responsible for some of the other reported crashes, too.