FEATURE: Plain text working or Global font setting

When working with text inside scrivener, too much time is needed dealing with fonts. If I paste from elsewhere then I need to change the format. If I want to view everything in a different font then I need to manually change each section. I want to concentrate on the text, not fonts.

It would be useful if I could set the text sections to be ‘plain text’ so no formatting can be applied. These sections can then use the default font setup from Options. Any pasting of text will be stripped.

An alternative option is that the default font setup in the Options can be applied to all manuscript sections to save having to manually change each one. Perhaps this could be a toolbar icon option.



The menu item Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style… does this very thing.
There’s a bug in it right now concerning the ruler (maybe more) but that s/b fixed in tommorrow’s beta release. I’m hoping.

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In addition to the Convert to Default Formatting tool, you can use Edit > Paste and Match Style, which does in fact just paste your selection as plain text, so it will pick up whatever formatting is used in the section you paste to. If you like you could even swap the shortcuts for that and the standard Paste command, if you’re already trained to use Ctrl+V for paste, so you always get the plain-text paste. To do that, go into the “Keyboard” section of Tools > Options… and then just replace the shortcuts for the two paste commands.