Feature Question

I plan to use Scrivener on two machines, a regular laptop, and a 7-inch eeepc when I need to be ultra-mobile. All my writings will be on an SD card, which I can easily switch between the two machines.

So while this is ultimately comfortable (in other words, it creates the perfect working environment for me), it’s also a tad risky - if the SD gets lost or fails, I lose my work.

For me, it would be perfect, if Scrivener could be told to create a regular duplicate/backup of the open files, AND be told where to save them! That way, I’d always have all recent changes on SD, but if something happens to the SD, I’d still have the reassurance, that there’s a good and recent backup on either of the laptops.

Is that possible? :smiley:

It’s standard in the Mac version that you have project backup to either the default location — not where the main project file is located, I hasten to add — which you can set to be automatic on opening and/or closing, and which happens if you do a manual save too — and you can also do a “Save As” to another location, but of course, when you do that you are now working in the new version, not the one on your SD card. I’m sure all of that is in the pipeline for the Windows version, even if it’s not implemented already.


Yes, as Mark says something like that is on the long-term road map. What I always did when I was moving between computers that were not on the same WiFi network: I would use Scrivener’s manual backup tool (in the File menu) to create datestamped and zipped copies at the end of every writing session. These would get saved onto the portable storage mechanism. When I got back to computer A, I’d just drag the last .zip off the stack and replace it’s .scriv file with the contents.

Benefits: you get a stack of backup files available to both computers, so its also good for reverting your own mistakes made a few versions back, too.

Nowadays, what I do (with the Mac version) is point that automatic backup folder to Dropbox. I don’t have to do anything now. I have these “stacks” of .zip files wherever I go and they are always up to date.

Thanks for the advice, which I will try to follow. Having said that, I don’t trust myself as far as manual backups are concerned (there’s simply always the human factor - aka forgetting). So here’s at least one person who would be very happy if this feature was moved from the long-term road map to the not-so-long-term road map. :wink:

Dropbox is definitely the solution to this problem. I don’t use USBs or SDs anymore unless I have to.

Use the MyDropbox folder as the default Save address for any of your Scrivener files (or any other files) and whenever you save or close the file you’re automatically backed up online and the file is sent to any other computer you have listed.

Simple and maybe not foolproof but as close as you can get.