Feature Request: Add Comment Field


thanks for the great product. I have a feature request for consideration. Hopefully this won’t be to difficult to implement and can add value to your customers. The request is to see if it’s possible to add an additional control attribute, in the inspector for note called to reflect “notes/other/comments” - textbox, plain text doesn’t have to support RTF, but ideally allow for additional comments to a note entry. sometimes i need to add some additional comment that don’t want necessary reflected or add to the canvas. as long as the .scap file format is supported (under ) - it’s sufficient.

Thanks for the consideration,

If you write the note in notepad, or some other simple text editor, just copy and paste that into Scapple. I’ve seen this done in videos, but have never actually tried it as I’ve only had the trial for a few days.
I just attempted to do this, by sliding a text file into a Scapple map, but the text wanted to open and deposit the text in the map. I’ll try to find the video again.
You could always navigate to the note file and create a hyperlink.

This older thread goes into some of the reasoning for why Scapple doesn’t have a notes field on notes.

I found the video and unfortunately it was not referring to Scapple but to some mind mapping software of a more traditional type.
However, if you need to dig deeper into your project (characters, scenes etc) I’d suggest trying Papel papel.teiru.net/papel/ . This is abondonware, but still functions well. Download the theme pack and you can mix and match the icons to make more interesting themes. This by no means does the same ‘brainstorming’ as Scapple and is useful mainly after using Scapple.