Feature Request: Additional Transforms (iOS)

The more and more I use iOS, the more and more I find myself wanting a new transform, or some form of customizable transforms.

I use (don’t hate me) the speed period shortcut in iOS and have since '09. The problem is, that when you put three periods in a row, it transforms to an ellipsis (and that’s probably another item in the list of ways I butcher grammar) and when I double space to the next sentence (again, please no hate for my formatting choices) iOS dutifully adds a period.

It also happens in other places too, but the occur less frequently than (ellipsis)(period).

So, TL:DR – Can we have a new round of transforms based on what iOS edits can do to monkey with our writing habits?

[- Never mind whatever I was saying here. Briar Kit has the real dope on this. -]


  1. Settings > General > Keyboard > “.” Shortcut

  2. Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement (add any replacements/transformations you want)

  3. Settings > Scrivener > Smart Punctuation > Spelling & Substitutions > Smart Ellipses