Feature Request - Alignment Tool Bar

Hey Scapple Guys,

Great job on the freeformness of the app. It’s super simple to use, but the more I use it, the more I wish that there was a toolbar (or tab in the inspector) that would give me quick access to the align controls. Maybe it’s just my OCD kicking but I’m constantly selecting groups and then right click to get to the align options. Just a thought and keep up the great work.


I completely agree that the alignment tools would be easier to use if more accessible.

Could they be added to a new pane in the inspector?

I registered for the forum specifically to make this request))

Thanks folks, I’ll put these on the list for consideration. One thing worth mentioning for the Mac anyway, is OS X’s ability to let you customise any software’s keyboard shortcuts through the menu system. You could for example re-assign the text alignment shortcuts so that they apply to notes instead, if you never use the former. We have a post describing how to do so in our knowledge base.

Glad to hear the software is working well for you on the whole!

Hi Amber! I don’t check in here a lot, but today I did. Thanks for the reply. I do hope you’ll consider putting the alignment tools in the floating inspector panel. I would hope that wouldn’t be too hard - you must have all the methods and functions written, so hopefully you can more or less copy them into the panel. I’d find that would really smooth my work flow.

Second, is there a setting to stop Scapple from opening a new blank file every time I open it? I find that odd on OS X as I expect to see a screen allowing me to open an existing file or to make a new one. I find I have to open my file and then also close this “default” new file that always appears.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

Well, it’s not really a matter of difficulty, but a matter of design. You want alignment tools, someone else will want this or that, and before you know it we have a huge, complicated inspector. The line has to be drawn somewhere, and right now the line is at formatting and appearance. Do we draw a new line? Maybe, but it’s always a risk to do that.

It just works like most document based programs on both Mac and PC. If you do not start the program with a file, then you start with a blank document so you can start working. Now, what we do have on the list to be fixed is to replace the blank document with the opened document, if you hit Cmd-O when this blank starter document is present. That, also, is standard behaviour on both platforms. It is just a mistake that we do not currently do so. A starting panel like you’re describing would be overkill for something like Notepad, TextEdit or Scapple.

Completely understandable. Ultimately it’s important to have a clear vision and stick to it. Now that we’ve made the request you’ll need to see if it lines up with your long term goal. If it does great! If it doesn’t, that’s OK too. In the end it’s your product and you want it to be the best it can be. It’s just nice to be part of the process and maybe help expand the vision a little bit :slight_smile:

I agree with this guy!

[size=85](But have my fingers crossed! I think moving the line on the inspector is justified, because it can greatly (IMO) enhance the user experience. Suppose I have three boxes, different widths that need to be lined up - presently it takes a lot of clicks to line them up and make them the same width because I have to go to the menu every time. In the inspector It’d be done in like two or three clicks)[/size]