Feature Request: Allow sub folders & organizing on the Project List page

Absolutely love Scrivener for iOS. I’ve been toying with it all day. I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with feedback and requests, but I’ll humbly add this one to the list anyway:

I have several dozen projects I’m tracking in the app, and it would be nice if the list of available Projects could be sorted and organized. Some specific suggestions:

  • Allow for the creation of subfolders (example: “Short Fiction”, “Novels”, “Screenplays”, “Unpublished Work”, etc)
  • Allow us to sort through projects by the usual things: by name, by creation date, by last modified, etc

And just for kicks: It sure would be cool if, on the iPad, when we edit the project name, we had the option of assigning an image to the project, so instead of seeing empty white boxes for each project, we could see a graphic with the title overlayed. (This graphic could come from within the Scrivener file, or even from our Camera Roll…whatever) For example, maybe we could assign a book cover as the the background image? It would just make the list of projects look more impressive and make us feel better about ourselves. lol.

Thanks for considering all this.

Quick addendum to this: I manually created a subfolder in my Dropbox hierarchy (Apps > Scrivener > Short Fiction > [project file.scriv]) and that did not create a subfolder in the app’s Project list. (Bummer). Actually, the first time I tried it, it resulted in the App crashing over and over until I had to re-install it! But I’ve not been able to reproduce that since. Now, all sub-folders that I create are simply ignored and the app is smart enough to find the .scriv files within them.

If you want more info about this, or want me to try harder to re-create the crash, let me know and I’ll be happy to test more.


I’d be very grateful if you could reproduce the crash, as I want to eliminate all instability!

As you have found, Scrivener will find all projects inside subfolders, but they are all presented as a flat list, to keep things simple. I don’t have any plans to change this right now, because it would require a lot of rewriting to implement a system for managing the file system on iOS, but I never rule anything out. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Will do.

No problem. But please do at least consider different sorting options. With 20+ project files, it can be tricky to sort through. (or 50…or 100…)

Thanks again, Keith.

Sub Folders management and color labeling is what I miss coming from Alfons Schmid’s Notebooks app. Password protection would also be nice.

But, sorry Alfons, Notebooks is simply no match for the new Scrivener app. I am amazed that the first version of the iOS app is already so powerful. It handles my 400MB+ projects with aplomb. Keith has already indicated that sub folders’ management on the Project List page would be a lot of work. But would it be possible to offer color labeling and sorting?

In the meantime I have re-named my projects with a prefix that groups projects in a logical way, e.g., “BK_” for books, etc.