[FEATURE REQUEST] Clocking Hours Within Scrivener


I couldn’t find anything on this topic yet, though I admit, I didn’t spend a vast amount of time digging.Didn’t think I needed to.

Anyway, I don’t exactly know how this would work. This would be up to the developer to figure it out exactly, but I have a couple ideas. I think it would be very cool and quite useful to see how many hours you are putting into Scrivener. For me, I use it constantly for my job. I am writer/novelist and if I am not using Scrivener, I am not doing my job/not working.

So one of the two ways this feature could work – there could be a button/tool that you “activate” to enable “sessions” on scrivener. When pressed/activated, this could log certain statistics, the main one obviously being hours, basically clocking how many active hours you are spending. It could also track how many words you are writing per minute/hours, and other statistics.

The other way this feature could work, is by removing the ‘button’/‘activate’/‘sessions’ concept entirely and just track these certain statistics automatically. It would allow less control for the user, but in turn probably be easier to implement? I don’t know.

I think overall what I am looking for (or rather what this idea is about), is more tracking on certain things you are doing within scriver. I know there are several features of statistics already in Scriver, such as showing how many total words are currently in a project you are working on, but for me, it would be extremely helpful to know other information on the current project I’m working on, as I have already expressed.

Clocking my hours within Scrivener, and other such statistics, would be a helpful tool for my organised, analytical self. :laughing: And I’m sure it would be for other like-minded people as well.

Let me know if something like this is a possibility! I’d be very interested to hear about it. Thanks a ton for such a beautiful wonderful software. I couldn’t get on with my day without it.

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This functionality already exists (“Project Targets”, “Project Sessions”) and has been made even more sophisticated in Scrivener 3. So, it is in the Mac version and hence will be coming to winScriv when feature parity arrives (I think sights are still set on “by end of year” for that).


Oh really! Well that is fantastic news. So in the current version for windows right now, there is a feature like this? How do I use it? I believe I know how to use “Project Targets”, but that just has to do with tracking how many words or characters you set up to write for the given occasion. That’s not exactly showing statistics, or perhaps I am missing something. On the other hand, I don’t know what “Project Sessions” are, so if you don’t mind, how do I come about using that?


Now if you could just amend the Twitter permissions linked to this feature so that the programme tweets things like…
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Not what I said. Such a feature exists in Scriv 3.0 on the Mac – I do not know if this functionality has made it to the Win side yet – but it will.

To learn about it, I suggest you open the MAC Scriv 3.0 manual and read the following section. The Writing History function speaks particularly to something you were wishing for.



Sorry, I knew what you meant, but I did not communicate my understanding very well. I will await the release for this then. Exciting!

Will do! Thanks for the tips and information on this.

In Every Honour,