Feature request: 'collapsible' Scapples

Congratulations on Scapple - I enjoy using it and I’m more productive with it.

Stacked notes works well, but sometimes my board gets very crowded. I would love to be able to select some linked notes and ‘collapse’ them rather than stack them. Compendium does this and it’s great for when I want to see the higher level connections without the supporting details.

I second this feature request, though with an alternative, perhaps complimentary, suggestion on how to implement it:

Instead of “collapsing” a node, you could “zoom into” the node, revealing its underlying details, much in the way that business process diagrams use “levels” to reveal the processes that underly macro processes.

I could see it being done as simply as making a top-level node a link to an internal, down-one-level scapple, and marking the top level node with a indicator much as documents in Scrivener are marked when they contain notes or sub-documents.

Being able to zoom in and out in this way would be amazing; my scapples are getting stupendously complex, as well, since I want to keep all of my ideas and notes in one place. However, I don’t always want to see them all at the same time.

I third this request. To click and item and go to a whole new page of Scapple related to that item would be a Godsend.

Thank you.

As for collapsing whole groups of items, this isn’t something that is possible in Scapple. You’re thinking in terms of traditional mind-maps, where everything absolutely has one parent. If everything has one parent, then collapsing that parent and all of its descendent items makes sense. There is no such foundation in Scapple. No connections form hierarchical statements, and items can form rings of connections, or complex non-linear associations between disparate items. Its design philosophy is fundamentally opposed to hiding things at all (the closest it comes to that is the Fade feature) or restricting how you connect things because of some underlying necessity to maintain a model of hierarchy for everything in the document.

But, as for linking together different boards—maybe even creating a “hub” board with many links to others—you can already do that. We have instructions for how to link to files from Scapple, they can also be applied to other .scap files.