Feature request - connecting lines from edge not centre

I’m loving Scapple. Well done!

One feature request would be to have the connecting lines come from the nearest edge of the box, rather than the centre of the box. I’ve attached an example where I’ve connected the two red notes. Because the connector originates at the centre of the note boxes, it’s hard to see exactly which two notes are connected. Whereas if they were connected from the nearest edge, it would be a lot clearer.


It would be great to also have an option so that the connector lines can be seen underneath the notes (i.e some transparency to the notes).

Finally, it would be great to have the defined note styles included in the inspector for easy, one click styling.

Many thanks!

I absolutely second your feature request.

L&L, please consider to implement this for Scapple (which is so well done beside this issue).

We did play with a setting for this during the initial beta. If I recall correctly there were some drawing glitches with it though, so it was removed at the last moment. It may come back in the future once the algorithm can be tweaked to be more reliable. It’s a lot more complicated to reliably calculate the nearest corner of an object, than to just draw a line out of its geometric centre.

Thanks :slight_smile: Good luck with it!