Feature request! :D

I did a quick search and I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been requested before.

I’ve been reading a lot about the dangers of negative feedback and the overwhelmingly improved learning and development response that comes from positive reinforcement.

I’m sorry to say that LitNLat have fallen into the same trap as other major software here, and have chosen to focus on the debilitating and creativity restricting practice of negativity that has been shown in studies to induce a downward spiral of self doubt and loathing.

My wish list request is therefore this:

  1. stop putting negative red squiggly lines under misspelt words
  2. instead put green lines under words spent correctly
  3. perhaps add a line in the status bar when there are misspelt words saying “Congratulations, there are [%1] learning opportunities in the above text”.

I like it. :smiley:

I positively reinforce this!

Isn’t that the tittle of a novel by Anatoly Steppler

Thanks for this. The spell checker underline should be a user-configured color. I have it set to black in Firefox: about:config > ui.SpellCheckerUnderline
(But better topic titles, please! :slight_smile:)

[size=200]I’m sorry but I do not like this![/size]

Because green means money! :mrgreen:

[size=150]Well that’s tellin’ 'em!! init?[/size]