Feature Request - Drag/Drop to Binder to create new linked doc or Drag/Drop highlighted text to doc in binder to link

This would be a very nice feature to have. For example, I’m writing something and I come up with a new character. It would be great if I could just highlight that new character’s name in the main-editor and drag+drop to a spot under my ‘Characters’ folder in the binder to create a new linked document.

Alternatively, I can drag/drop a highlighted text from the main-editor onto a document on my binder to make that text into a link to that document.

Right now, when I’m making links for references, I have to go through multiple fly-out menus to search for a specific document or destination. It’s frustrating since I have hundreds of notes, organized into hundreds of parent-children (or even grand-children) pairs.

It works the other way around. Highlight something in the text and drag a Binder document to it.

It makes more sense this way, I think, copying a Binder address into the text. Your way would imply the link is a property of the Binder document, when it should be a property of the highlighted text.