Feature Request: Finer-Scale Text Zooming


Currently, when we want to change the level of text magnification in the main Editor window, we have to choose between increments of either 10%, 15% or 25%, depending upon the value currently selected. I understand that some fonts do not “scale” well, but for me, this feature gets in my way; I like to change the text mag. often, because my eyes get tired of reading smallish text sometimes, and other times, when they’re not tired, I like to be able fit more text on the screen, depending on whether or not I’m using Composition mode. My feature request is that instead of these hard-limits on text scaling in the Editor, that we be given a “slider” control that can zoom text at, say, not just 100% or 125% . . . but also maybe 117%, or 153%, or 219%, or what have you, depending solely on our own tastes and aesthetics insofar as UXes go. That’d be really neat.


In the next major update you’ll be able to do exactly this (although not using a slider): you’ll be able to choose any arbitrary percentage you wish (within a certain forgiving range).
All the best,

If I can get 250% I’ll be happy. :smiley:

You can get 1,000% if you please.