Feature request - for biz ops users

To the Scrivener product managers:

I would really appreciate a version of Scrivener which could handle hand written notes and drawings / markups. This app helped me get my undergrad in creative writing, but this isn’t really helpful to me in my MBA program or in my day to day business operations work. I really need to be able to quickly draw a diagram and take some notes around it, then pull that up on my laptop and type out documents. I can do this with other apps, but I could probably expense this app for my team if it could do writing and diagrams.

Problem statement:
I can’t draw diagrams, take hand written notes, or integrate screen captures or pictures into a project.

Outcome goal:
I would like to use Scrivener to take hand written notes in a business environment, have those notes as pages in a project, add share the entire project with my colleagues who use Scrivener.

Use case:
I want to take notes about business operations while walking around an office or a factory, have those notes embedded within a project, and create well written text based documents from the info in those notes.

Thanks for your time,
Dee (she/her)

You know, Dee, therer are some wonderful programs to do exactly as you desire, on the iPad.

They involve far different technologies than Scrivener does, and appropriately, a very different kind of design. Both of these are topics you’ll do a lot better on with your MBA as you learn to explore and discover in them – their facts and factora are fundamental to the development of especially the intricate, netwoked understanding that actually achieves on today’s goals.

The great thing at core of the iPad is how easy it makes using other tools to gather and interpret your informaiont (handwriting, but not only this), and then bring into Scrivener the text and graphics of any kinds that you want to use in a presentation or a report.

Two most prominent note taking tool s that do what you ask are Goodnotes, and Notability.

Each has its own style, and you can find some good analyses on the web on this, but really the thing would be to get both from the Apple Store, and invest enought early experience for your own decision, They’re both free to do this, and then the purchasing is going to be light of weight, as they’re priced for students.

Another sophisticated tool you might interested in would be LiquidText, for very effective analysis and content pull from papers and websites.

Good fortune, and wishing you well especially on engaging the interesting and very human-involved aspects, communicating in all individualities and across all levels now, of making things with ideas which is really at the heart of enterprise, its innovation, and its business; also our future world, which is alrready far from the last one.

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@narrsd has good advice.

But I would also say that the perfect application for every potential need does not exist. The most successful applications instead seek to define a niche and serve that niche as effectively as possible.

General purpose notetaking is not Scrivener’s intended niche.