Feature request for layers

The job described in my tip (yesterday) leads me to this feature request: layers. Layers like sheets in a 3D spreadsheet rather than in the graphic sense of visability.

So I have well over a hundred notes, created from Word snippets, more or less vertically queued up in some “input area”. Now I want to file these notes under header notes. Upon doing so, the gap between the (horizontally arranged) headers and this queue widens.

[i]Unsatisfying ideas:

Currently I must “drop” the note or stack I’m moving, slide the screen, “pick up” the note or stack, then continue moving. I’d like the screen to slide when I reach the edge.
However, that would be just a part of the solution, as orientation (“where am I”, not “portrait or landscape”) is another matter. Upon writing this, I have discovered the Page Grid. I might use that, set to note-width pages, but I’d ultimately prefer a customisable grid of numbered reference lines, so that I could remember from where I to fetch and where to drop.
UPDATE: So I should have stacked my “input area”: then the gaps automatically fill when notes are moved elsewhere.[/i]


I wish I could Cut (or maybe even Copy) a note or selection on one layer, then navigate to the desired position on another layer, then Paste.

I figure that this requested feature would also be handy for distributing gags across sketches, or topics across a lecture (actually replacing a checklist).

As far as I can see, this might be a feature request for Scrivener as well.

UPDATE: In Scapple, using separate documents helps. I can’t yet judge for Scrivener.

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