Feature Request for managing Index Cards on corkboard

Hi, first post here and first of all, well done to the programme authors because it’s an excellent writing tool (admittedly, I’m still only on the trial, but almost certainly not for long)!

When I use the Index cards in corkboard view, I’d like to be able to add text to any of the visible lines, whereas at present, it seems like I can only write one continuous entry. Like these sentences. They can be long or short sentences, but can’t be started separately. On separate lines. If you see what I mean. I’d like to be able to do something like the following.

Intro: early chapter text summary

Body: main chapter content summary

Out: chapter exit summary

I feel this would help me plot the overall flow as I’d be able to easily ensure the ‘Out’ content matches with the following ‘Intro’ content where applicable. At present, the above looks like

Intro: early chapter text summary. Body: main chapter content summary. Out: chapter exit summary

Which as I hope you’ll agree, looks better when the sections can be separated from each other.

Thanks, Derek

You can hold down the Option key and press return to add new lines to cards. There is also an option to disable the default behaviour, in the Navigation preference pane, Ends editing synopsis in corkboard and outliner. With that you’ll have to use Esc to stop editing, but you can still use Return to make new cards easily.


Thanks :smiley: